Essay, the Key to the College of your dreams!


So, do you think you'll be attending Harvard since you have the top 5% GPA and your SAT scores are close to perfect? Not necessarily is the answer! Every year, Harvard rejects four out of five valedictorians and hundreds of students with perfect SAT scores. While there is no magic formula for gaining admission to the college of your dreams, one definite way to ensure rejection is by taking the admissions essay lightly.


You had better assume that an admissions officer will spend a significant amount of time evaluating your essay. This is certain because there will be many other applicants who have similar grades, activities, and SAT scores. To stand out, your essay must not only demonstrate your grasp of grammar and the ability to write lucid, structured prose, you must also paint a vivid picture of your personality and character, one that compels a busy admissions officer to accept you.



Do's and Don'ts in Writing Your Admissions Essay


1. Don't sound like a phony by using big words.

SAT level words, especially when misused, will detract the reader from getting to know you.


2. Don't let the reader's mind wonder off.

Remember admissions officers have to read hundreds of essays which basically sound very similar. Therefore, plan and write so that admissions officers will remember who you are after reading your essay.


3. Do use personal detail.

A good essay should be concrete and personal. Remember, admissions officers are only human beings. They are likely to choose you over similarly qualified applicants if they could feel a personal affinity toward you.


4. Do be concise.

Admissions officers are professionals who do not want to waste their time and will not tolerate your redundancy.


5. Don't be too informal.

Please keep in mind that you're writing an essay, not an email. You should not use slang terms or contractions in your essay.